Whangarei day courses: Currently on hold and not available until premises secured 24/7

  • No need to put up a years tuition fees in advance.   Pay as you study, and pay as you earn.
  • Flexible entry  –  any time of the year that suits your circumstances.
  • Low fees, $40 per week (New Zealand students as at 2012)
  • Long term (2years), and short term (6months, 1 year, 18 months) tuition provided.   Flexibility to assist student circumstances.
  • Students are trained by Ephesians 4:11  ministries, the ones Christ gave to His Church to equip God’s people.   This is the New Testament pattern.
  • A wonderful group of students, very open to God and supportive of one another.
  • Students can enter from any Christian church as the college is open hearted to the wider body of Christ.   Students are able to attend the local church of their choice.
  • Practical Christian service goes along with student training.   Every student is expected to be active in service in their local church.
  • Day courses are usually in the mornings, leaving afternoons and evenings free for part-time work.
  • The college is non-residential but local Christians can assist with locating accommodation for those from out of the city.
  • The college has a different approach to Christian training than the university style / degree model.
  • Our emphasis is on developing the call of God and God’s gifting in the student and relating that to the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
  • College courses are of a competent quality and students receive computer printed notes which are useful for reference later.

New Zealand On-line courses

These courses are the same as the day courses.   There is a modest fee for each course undertaken by the student.   Students may choose which course or courses they wish to study, and study at home, at their own pace. If you would like to pay for any ONE of these courses in advance, please use the Paypal button below on this page, for online payment, or email us to arrange an alternative method of payment.

Bible College Night School

One night a week during the college year, the College hosts a night school at the campus base.   This is open for any Christian to attend from the city area.  A modest fee is charged each night a student attends.   This covers printing of notes and other administration costs.
Special note  :  The whole College operation is structured to be flexible to the students’ needs.   Low cost fees, pay as you study, flexible length of study time in College, flexible entry point as circumstances permit, building up local churches in the wider body of Christ, providing different formats for training e.g. day courses, night school, online study.   This related better to the fast moving modern world, shift work hours, family responsibilities and more.

A look at the subjects taught

Various tutors teach a range of subjects in addition to courses listed below which the College Principal personally teaches in day courses and night school.

International Bible College
Training people all over the world for effective Christian service.
Here is an overview of courses available.
Course 1.  The message of the Cross  –  Unlike almost all Bible Colleges this extensive course of 29 sections is placed first because the message of the cross is our main message to an unbelieving world.   Excellent for small group study.
Course 2.  The Bible, the word of God.  –  Why we know the Bible is truly God’s word.   Facts every Christian should know.
Course 3.  School of Evangelism.  –  A 20 section course and often requested from Africa and Asia.   Gives thorough training in ‘soul-winning’ and it’s Biblical basis.
Course 4.  Church planting.  –  A companion course to course three and not taught in many Bible Colleges.   This course will teach you how to plant a church that will plant churches.   Written by an apostolic church planter.
Course 5.  The Doctrine of God.  –  What we know about God directly affects how we relate to Him, our worship, prayer life, guidance in life, how we live in this world and how we serve him.
Course 6.  The Person and Work of Christ (Christology)  –  Proofs of His Deity.   What every Christian should know.   Also his humanity, ascension and exaltation.
Course 7.  The Person and work of Christ (part two).  –  The coming again of our Lord Jesus Christ, what this means to believers, to Israel and to unbelievers.   This course covers Bible facts not taught by many Bible Colleges.
Course 8.  The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology 1.).   –  Excellent foundational truth, including what Jesus Himself taught about the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit works in human experience.
Course 9.  The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatololgy 2.).  –  Excellent studies on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the value of the devotional use of speaking in tongues and great studies on the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
Course 10.  The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology 3).  –  The Gifts of the Holy Spirit.   Excellent studies with a practical emphasis on functioning in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Course 11.  Diving Guidance  –  Walking in the will of God.   A basic, much needed course for every Christian.   Do the course and you can also help and counsel others.
Course 12.  How to preach and speak well (Homiletics)  –  Preparation and Presentation.   Practical and basic helps.
Course 13.  Interpreting Scripture (Hermeneutics)  –  How did Jesus interpret the Old Testament?   What are the basic principles of interpretation?
Course 14.  The Church of the Living God (Ecclesiology 1.)  –  What the Church is.   Understanding the New Testament revelation of the Church.
Course 15.  The church of the Living God (Ecclesiology 2)  –  The Ministry Gifts of Christ.   Outstanding teaching of the Ephesians 4:11 ministry gifts of Christ, including the restoration of apostles and prophets.
Course 16.  The Church of the Living God . (Ecclesiology 3)  –  Elders, Deacons and other giftings.   Every believer is a gifted person.   Practical teaching.
Course 17.  Christian Leaders Service Manual.  –  A manual to use for those special occasions.
Course 18.  Global Missions.  –  A course of 16 sections with in-depth studies relating to the Great Commission.   This course has a strong apostolic input.
Course 19.  Angelology / Satanology.  –  Understanding the unseen world.   Understanding facts that affect us in our daily lives.
Course 20.  Small group dynamics.  –  Vital for healthy church growth and better pastoral care.
Course 21.  Healing the sick today.  –  An 18 section, in-depth study on the Christian Healing Ministry.   This course is written in a practical style to better equip believers to pray for the sick.
Course 22.  Lifting Leadership levels.  –  This course developed from leadership addresses in local church and national conventions over many years.   They are good examples for senior leaders to use as well as to equip future leaders.
Course 23 – Living Principles of Leadership from the Life of Moses – Leadership principles every Christian and Christian Leader should know.
Treasury of the Bible – A whole new series studying the Books of the Bible, book by book.
Course 24 – Genesis – The seed plot of the whole Bible.
Course 25 – The Period Between Genesis & Exodus, followed by Exodus – Over 100 pages of study material.
Course 26 – Leviticus – Written over several weeks after the tabernacle was built.
 – Numbers – The record of Israel’s 40 years of wandering.
Course 27 – Deuteronomy – Moses’ farewell words to Israel.  A favourite book of the old testament prophets, our Lord Jesus and new testament Apostles.
Course 28 – Joshua – Conquering the Land of Canaan – Possessing the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
– Judges – Covers about 400 years.  The record of Israel’s failures and later restorations.
– Ruth – A well loved book of how a Gentile lady turned to God and became the ancestress of King David.

More courses to be added soon.

Choose which course you desire to study, let us know by e-mail and International Bible College will send you your copy.   If senior leaders desire to translate our courses it will be necessary to request permission as the courses are copyright according to international law.   We may know if the courses are already translated in your language.   In that case we can refer you to those who have done the translation work.   This is how we network together to advance the cause of Christ in the world.

  • The College also has foundational courses for new or un-trained Christians.   Available to local churches, for new Christian instruction.   Proven to be effective in New Zealand churches and overseas.
  • All courses authored by the Bible College Principal who holds the copyright to them.   Courses translated into 11 languages.

Endorsements  :

International Bible College is recognised by the Associating Churches and Ministries of New Zealand as an approved ministry training centre.
The College is recognised by Life 4Nations as a training source of excellence for overseas Bible Colleges / Bible Schools.   These testimonials have come in from national overseers, including theological degree holders.   Hundreds of leaders have been trained by these courses, and scores of churches planted impacting new regions.

Internships and Ministry Credentials

Internships: An internship to the bible college is granted by the Principal upon application by a student, who has been studying the college courses. It is therefore an in-house recognition of the call of God in the student’s life, their satisfactory progress in Biblical studies and where possible their faithful service in the local church they attend. Internship links biblical study with the local church at a practical level serving people and developing team skills.
The principal may work in co-operation with the local church pastor where ever possible for the best result. Each situation will be assessed on its circumstances taking into consideration global conditions.

Ministry Credentials: These are issued by Life4Nations. See with headquarters in Whangarei, New Zealand.
Definition: A ministry credential is a recognition of the call of God which our Lord Jesus as Head of the Church has given. A credential can never be the source of ministry. It is an acknowledgement, a recognition of 5 things:
1.       That Christ Jesus has already given a call, a gift for ministry service to a person.
2.       Therefore there must be evidence of that gift and call at local church level. Life4Nations will seek for evidence of that first. There is a big difference between potential and what people say they are and performance where that call and gift of God is truly demonstrated.
3.       Recognition is not merely for having a title, but any applicant must state what their vision is, how they will go about putting that into action, and what level of commitment in terms of time and effort they have already been doing, and what they want to do.
4.       A ministry credential will follow two stages, well proven globally across the body of Christ. These are:
·         Stage one which recognizes a gift to preach the gospel, to shepherd believers, to lead a local church where applicable or to be part of a preaching team in a local church. It should include other ministry functions, such as serving communion, burying the dead, dedicating children, baptizing new converts, opening up branch works.
·         Stage two follows stage one, after at least 2 years have been fulfilled at stage one. This means an apprenticeship has been satisfactorily fulfilled and that adequate training in Bible Courses has been done. Besides all the privileges and functions referred to in stage one, stage two should include the right to officiate at weddings.
5.       Ministry credentials are issued to men, and to women.
Additional note:  Different countries have different laws and these will influence decisions made. Any exceptions to the basic points listed above can be made taking into consideration other local and personal factors.
Contact for ministry credential consideration can be made via Life4Nations to or in New Zealand to the Associating Churches and Ministries of New Zealand, see

Course Enrolments

Enrolment Procedure for New Zealand Trainees

This applies to New Zealand trainees but overseas networks may gain useful ideas from it.   After reading through the courses, if you would like to enrol, please fill in our application form – it can be for either study at Whangarei or on-line in New Zealand.

To apply, (and if you live in NZ), please download and save this docx document to your computer:
NZ_Student_Enrolment.docx, fill it in and attach it to an email to us, at

OR if you cant open the above docx,
NZ_Student_Enrolment.pdf download this PDF, print it out – fill it in and post it to us

Application form for International Students
for on-line study

We welcome your online application to be equipped for effective Christian Service.   Hundreds of leaders internationally study our courses, serve in local churches of different networks, evangelise and plant churches.   Please download the following Doc or PDF and be sure to specify which type of study you are applying for.

International_Students_Enrolment.docx OR

Please submit your application via this link and we will be in touch as soon as possible.   If you are interested in linkage with Life4 Nations, see Then when your application is successful you can pay online if you wish below here:
Thank you.

Enrolment Fees

Each course is currently $20 for developed nations,
and for non-developed nations – no charge

You can pay by Credit or Debit Card. Please write in full (in the transaction), which course you have chosen. Contact us by email if you have any questions.