Profile of our Bible College Principal

The founder / Principal of the Bible College is Graham A. Cruickshank.   Graham has had 40 years of faithful public ministry, preceded by 10 years of intensive, voluntary youth work.
Those years have involved 8 years of overseas missionary work in the Kingdom of Tonga and the Republic of Fiji.   There, Graham served as an evangelist, pioneer pastor, national and regional roles at senior level, training of workers and construction projects.   In New Zealand, Graham and his wife Tui completed nationwide itineraries, pioneered and pastored a city church for 27 years, planted 2 more daughter churches and raised up Bible College ministry.   Hundreds of people were trained and many local church leaders resulted.
Graham carries a recognised apostolic gifting and is an excellent Bible teacher and preacher.   He demonstrates vision for local church leaders and ministries and leads a network of churches in New Zealand.   He has established an overseas vision that networks with local churches and networks of churches.
Graham has written many Bible College courses and has authored 12 books to date.   His ministry has been written about in various Pentecostal publications.
From a pioneering Pentecostal family in New Zealand from the 1930’s, Graham is totally dedicated to Holy Spirit honouring ministry and raising up leaders and churches who know how to value the person and presence of the Holy Spirit.
Last on this personal profile, Graham and Tui have been married for 53 years, have 6 children, 13 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren as at 2019!   Both Graham and Tui preach the gospel and have both been ordained ministers since the 1960’s.
This profile is included so that readers can see how God raises up vision and appoints and anoints men and women to serve Him.   Visionaries are vital to church growth and to advance the cause of Christ globally.  It does matter who trains you!   It’s not about institutions  –  It is about relational training under Ephesians 4:11 ministries.   They are the ones Christ gave to equip God’s people for works of Christian service.