Understanding the training vision of  International Bible College

In our modern world, there is found a mind-set that unless one is trained in the university style involving years of formal study, one is not properly trained.   We certainly are not opposed to onward study if God so directs, but to insist on that for all Christian workers causes grave loss to evangelism of the nations.   We need a much more flexible, less expensive, more culturally relevant model of training.   This puts training within the reach of thousands more Christian workers.   It also releases many women into gospel ministry who can train at local church bases while still fulfilling life and home responsibilities.
International Bible College upholds the vision of local church being God’s highest New Testament order for Christian service development.   This was the pattern for the first century church and they turned their world upside-down!   We can do that also!   Modern technology means that mature Ephesians 4:11 ministries can make their training courses available to any local church or network of churches anywhere globally.
Our strategy is simple.   Successful Christian service arises from knowing what God’s call is on our lives and experiencing the dynamic baptism in the Holy Spirit and constant re-filling.   This causes the manifestations of the Holy Spirit to operate in all ministry at whatever level God’s call directs.   These two points form the basis of New Testament Christian service.   It is possible to have much theological teaching and produce little fruit.   Training is valuable but it is not the foundation of dynamic Christian service.   Thus, our courses put focus on the practical aspects that we know work well.   This is what pleases our overseas networks.