Why study?

Training Christian workers faster can occur in these situations:

  1. One or two nights per week at a night school.   This suits urban people who have to hold down a day job to support themselves or family.   They are active in their local church but need training.
  2. On a weekend as arranged.   Same principle as No.1 above.
  3. Have a Cell Bible School  –  all day, overnight rest, most of next day and then go home.
  4. Use the local church building (owned or rented) as the training venue.   Even a suitable house.   This option eliminates the necessity of expensive buildings to maintain.
  5. Have a mobile training school.   Useful whether from town to town or in rural areas.   One or two weeks concentrated training then move on.   Do a follow up later.   The value here is that students have a balance of teaching along with practical Christian service in their area and local church.   This method is useful in the agricultural off-season for rural people.
  6. Short term Bible School or Missions Training School.   Could be 2-4 months after which teachers return to their home areas.   Fits in with agricultural off-season as well.
  7. Longer term 5-6 months or 1 or 2 years for those leaders who prove they have commitment at local church level.

Bible College  –  How it can equip you……

  • Be a soul winner, an outreach person with a vision for your nation and globally.
  • Develop the call of God in your life and know God’s purpose 4U.
  • Overcome limitations and weaknesses.   Throw off your limitations.
  • Be established in God’s word.   That takes determined focus.
  • Lean how to share confidently with others, one to one and publicly.
  • Gain valuable leadership and people skills.
  • Know God and His ways.   Mature in your Christian walk.
  • Function cross-culturally more effectively with God’s ‘heart of love’.
  • Learn more about the dynamics of the Holy Spirit.   Be bold and effective.
  • Be enthusiastic and effective in God’s vision for the local church.
  • Understand the Ephesians 4:11 ministry gifts that Christ gave.
  • Understand that one person with God can make a difference.   You can be a ‘history maker’ for God’s glory.
  • Understand your Bible!

Advantages when you train at International Bible College

  • Tutors are Ephesians 4:11 ministries not theological academics.   The Ephesians 4:11 gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are the ones Christ gave to equip his people.
  • The Bible College is committed to radical Christianity  –  Relevant to the modern world, yet without compromise
  • There is a depth and maturity in the courses, solidly built upon the Bible in the way Jesus and the apostles taught and practiced.
  • The message of the cross  –  Jesus Christ crucified, buried, resurrected, ascended, glorified, coming again, is taught and applied.   The false cults and religious deny and oppose it and Satan hates it.   The modernists in the Christian world deny the power of the Blood of Christ and His physical resurrection, and many Bible believing christians have little depth of understanding.
  • The Bible College upholds the person, power and presence of the Holy Spirit as being fully for our times in the same way as the first century Christians experienced.
  • The Bible College provides both short term and longer term training (2 years).   All students train together in the Whangarei Campus, and each course is complete in itself.   It therefore does not matter when a student enters College.   The Principal of the College pioneered this method in Bible College training in New Zealand in 1974 and it has proved to be very workable and a blessing to students.   In the modern world, circumstances can change rapidly.   Our College is flexible to the needs of students and this better serves the purposes of God for each student.
  • The Bible College is open to the wider body of Christ and any student who honours Christ as Lord and Saviour is welcome to train.   Students attend the church of their choice and are expected to actively serve in their local church.   Practical service goes along with Bible teaching.
  • The Bible College puts a focus on the callings and giftings of God in a person connected with the enabling power of the Holy Spirit.   In the modern world, there is a huge emphasis on degree attainment for effective Christian service.   We are certainly not against degree attainment, but it needs to be shouted out loud and clear that degree attainment is not the only way to train effective Christian leaders.

The early church trained their own leaders and usually out of local church bases by Ephesians 4:11 ministries.   They turned their world upside down.   There is urgent need to train many thousands of new ministries, and faster than the 2 – 4 year degree programmes available.   The harvest is waiting to be reaped and in many nations some doors can close fast.   The Christian Church needs to wake up and move faster with new strategies.      There are spiritual fathers in the faith of Christ who have raised up great works for God in the world.   Their input should be respected.

The method mentioned above has been trialled and proven by the College Principal in various countries and has trained hundreds of pastors and future leaders.   This has resulted in hundreds of new churches being planted.